About us
I started in the mid '90s organising trips to major art exhibitions in London as part of my history of art teaching. In 1997 I took my first group of friends to Bruges and Ghent and two years later organised a trip to Berlin and Dresden. Since then the business has grown, by word of mouth, and we have been back to Berlin and Dresden twice. Other destinations have included Vienna, Florence, Prague, Naples, Burgundy and, for the last three years, twice yearly trips to St. Petersburg.

These tours are serious explorations of some of the great galleries, palaces, churches and monuments of Europe. There is, however, a lighter side. Most of the cities we go to are famous for their opera, ballet and concerts as well as having a number of excellent restaurants. Only in St. Petersburg is the wine not of world class - but this is more than made up for by the availability of caviar and vodka.

I take groups of twelve to twenty-two like minded people - accompanied by my husband, Colin. Though we always have excellent local guides I can answer most questions on art and Colin is tremendously knowledgeable on all aspects of European history. On booking, everyone is sent a reading list and at the start of the tour there is a written historical introduction and a list of recommended restaurants.

Most evenings are free to go to the opera, ballet or concerts. I book tickets for you in advance. However, we do make sure that no one is left on their own - unless, of course, they want to be.

We stay in carefully chosen central hotels, so many of the galleries are in easy walking distance. If they are not we have a coach at our disposal. I aim to give a good balance between comfort, convenience and value for money.

I take between three and five tours a year, but avoid the peak tourist times of the summer when prices are high and galleries very crowded. St. Petersburg is brilliant in the winter - the snow glistens and there are no cruise ships.

On request I am happy to arrange individual itineraries for large or small groups.

I can be contacted on 01798 867 230 and I will deal personally with all enquiries.